Back in business. Serving 0, least of all you.

Rather than actually learn how to program a CMS from scratch in Ruby (much to the chagrin of the people trying to convince me to do so), I instead spent 5 minutes installing WordPress and migrating the one bit of content I cared about to the new format.  Not gonna lie, I picked a theme, hit install, tried diligently to set a password that shitheads wouldn’t be able to guess, and called it a day.

I wouldn’t want to overachieve and convince any of you that I was about to exert any real effort into this, would I?

In any case, it’s done.  It’s now earthshatteringly easier for me to spew bile and vitriol into your facehole.  Prepare to care about approximately 0% of it.

Near term updates will include things that didn’t require me to generate content.  For example, I’m going to be hosting all of cr0bar’s bastardizations (Hackers, Matrix, Blade, etc.) until someone sues me and tells me not to.  I’ll be trying to get a better mechanism for displaying them, and yes, I realize the Hackers bastardization posted is (was) missing like half of the images.  Shut the fuck up and do it yourself or grow some goddamned patience, it’ll be uploaded when I find the time to do it.