Even more e-cig Upgrades!

So, in my quest for the PERFECT VAPE, I have made yet another upgrade.

I had been using the Aspire Vivi Nova-S tanks for my VTR, but was having a few issues with them… The manufacturing tolerances on the parts seemed pretty inconsistent, so in a pack of 5 replacement coils I think I’d get 3 decent ones, 1 passable one, and 1 that shorted against the side and/or didn’t work in general. Past that, I was having some flavor consistency issues between coils that was really bugging me.

Kanger released a couple of things in the last month — first, they announced that soon they would be providing stock sub-ohm coils for their ProTank, EVOD, and AeroTank lines. This is great for heavy vapers that are constantly chasing that huge cloud and throat hit. Secondarily, they released a product called the Aerotank Mega, which was (after some dremeling …) a perfect fit for my VTR.

A website called Craving Vapor had the best price on the AeroTank Mega at $33.50 or so, so I bought one. They shipped the next day and I had it at my doorstep less than 48 hours after that.

HOLY COW. This is almost a night and day difference. The Aerotank Mega uses Kanger’s newly built atomizer coils, and I’m here to tell you — they are NOTABLY improved from the previous versions. The vapor production and flavor provided by this tank rival that of several RBAs I’ve used previously, including the widely regarded Kayfun. It is the closest to dripping on an RBA that I have ever found with a tank — and was so worth the $33.50 for the tank that I’ve already bought a second one.

If you’re in the e-cig game and want a tank to buy once and never have to replace, it looks like this is the one. Not only is every piece able to be purchased by itself in case you break anything, the thing is machined out of steel and the build quality is astronomically improved from any of the other tanks I’ve ever used. Last but not least, if you are a klutz like me and drop your e-cig all the time, you can build the tank as 100% steel so it will put up with your abuse.

Best tank I have ever used, hands down. 5 Stars. 10/10. A++.