n1ckn4m3 is a systems administrator / network infrastructure engineer / solutions architect / director of technology / better worker than you with certifications coming out his ears and bitterness and cynicism to spare.  A founding member, graduate, and tenured professor of the school of hard-knocks, he is thoroughly experienced in well-laid plans going awry, he is a master of the unexpected clustersnafu, and he is the supreme high king of the unscheduled outage.  Renowned the world over as a god of all that is Microsoft, he spends his days tirelessly fighting their ignorant code and draconian licensing model, unleashing IT fortitude upon his unsuspecting employees and co-workers, and claiming victory over the technological incompetents that he leaves in his wake.

He twitters/tweets/twats from time to time, his twat-handle is @xn1ckn4m3x, and he honestly and earnestly doesn’t give a shit whether you think what he posts is important or not (lol, it’s twitter, none of it is fucking important), so if that’s your complaint you should probably re-evaluate the time you spend online.

If you’re really, REALLY interested in n1ckn4m3, feel free to send an e-mail with questions, concerns, comments, suggestions (he’ll ignore them, don’t worry), your IT problems (he won’t answer them, but he’ll definitely mock them — perhaps publicly if you’re lucky enough) to my -dot- n1ckn4m3 -at- gmail -dot- com.

It is purpose that defines us.