The Lando System

Not much to say here, just a thinking exercise (yeah, I know, most of you are too stupid to think but look just try for a minute please).

I was thinking about Star Wars Episode 5 : The Empire Strikes Back the other day, and I got to thinking about the scene in the Millennium Falcon when Han notices the Lando system and decides to set course there, ultimately leading him to Bespin and into the hands of Darth Vader.

So, let’s look at this objectively.  Han Solo and company are in a space ship, in the limitless universe.  They’re in an area that they haven’t previously charted that we know of, and they are attempting to escape from the Empire (unbeknownst to them, Boba Fett is in the Slave 1 hiding behind an asteroid, and will be following them — but I digress).  Han sees a system with the first name that is the same as someone he knows (and coincidentally, had won the Millennium Falcon from in a game of Sabaac), and decides to head there.

How legitimate is it for Han to believe that a system with the same name as the first name of one of his friends is actually run by that friend?  Is there really only one Lando in the entire Star Wars universe?  Is it common knowledge in the Star Wars universe that “Lando” was only ever used once as a name?  Did Han REALLY think that in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE, the star system he just happened to be somewhat near that just happened to have the same name as an old friend, just HAPPENED to actually be owned and run by him?  Was that really what happened?

Anyways, I dunno.  I’m having a hard time articulating just how stupid it seemed to me that one person in the middle of space would head for a star system solely because it shared the same first name as someone he knew.  It’s like if I was in space in a space ship in uncharted territory and I saw the John system and expected John Carmack to own and operate it.

Idiocy.  Now, go away.

As promised …

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I lied, I’m leaving, you read too slowly.