Starbound is great.

Did you Terraria? Good.

Did you not Terraria? Go buy it. It’s only $15. Why not? Is it because you’re an idiot? That’s my guess. Terraria is effectively 2D Minecraft + Metroid + Ghosts and Goblins (if Minecraft had a point other than making large gold penises). You get a little dude on a planet and gather some resources to make a shelter and then some tools, gather more resources to make some weapons and armor, find the dungeon and summon some bosses and kill ‘m, then find hell and find a boss there and kill ‘m, then clear the world of corruption and hallow. Yeah, I know that probably made 0 sense. Don’t care, it’s an awesome game.

Anyways, buy Starbound. Most of the people who made Terraria formed Chucklefish games and just released the beta of Starbound, which is effectively a more complex Terraria (with additional survival and crafting elements) + space. So, where Terraria was one world, Starbound seems to be hundreds of explorable planets of varying difficulties and with differing resources.

Also, I’m running a semblance of a private server and a teamspeak server for it. Reach out to me if you want access.

I am not an idiot, and I am buying Starbound right now like you told me.